The Zymoglyphic Museum has its roots in the curator's childhood museum. There were collections of shells, marine animals, rocks, stamps, and Indian artifacts. The current museum contains specialized versions of each of these. The objects in the collections are valued by their inherent aesthetics rather than scientific or "collectible" status.

Xenophora - Assemblage artists of the deep!

A collection of marine snails that are themselves collectors of shells, rocks, and other debris from their environment

Crab Collection - Nature's mechanical marvels

Marine animals that come in a wide variety of shapes and proportions

Miniature Viewing Stones

In the Zymoglyphic region, the value of a stone was determined by its sculptural qualities

The Philatelic Collection

The original stamp collection's goal was to acquire one stamp from each and every one of the 600+ official stamp-issuing entities on earth, past and present. It was later expanded to include local posts, breakaway republics, micronations, and entirley imaginary places

The Curiosity Cabinet

The original collection of arrowheads and other artifacts evolved into a wide-ranging collection of indigenous art, folk art, antiquities and oddities of all sorts