The Curiosity Cabinet


Looming tall out of the chaos of the exhibit preparation area is the curator’s personal curiosity cabinet, a wide-ranging collection of natural oddities, primitive artifacts, microcosms, and significant objects.

The Curiosity Cabinet 19th Century Silhouette Hedgehog Card Receiver Surrealist Barbie
Mousealope Homo Ceramicus Skulls End-of-Days Clock Jenny Haniver
Singing Mermaid Agate Creatures Cactus Skeleton Chinese Temple Fragment
Serenading Lizard 18th Century Child's Shoes Two Birds Mutant Creature
Gilded Apple Head Tropical Village in a Bottle Tableau in Bamboo Crazy Newts
Alebrije Ikebana Arrangement Gourd Figurine from New Guinea
Bamboo Root Mask Chinese Root Carving Crop art sign