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Publications from the Zymoglyphic Museum Press Prints from the series Views of the Zymoglyphic Region are available for order online here. They are also collected in a book of the same name. Spring fashions year round, drinkware, and more!

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Recommended books offered in association with
Featured: Rosamond Purcell's Bookworm
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Featured: Street of Crocodiles by the Brothers Quay


A listing of other shops carrying items that you might wish to acquire to stock your own curiosity cabinet
Shops with a physical store show the general location
Artifacts from exotic cultures
Finch & Co.
Salangome Exotic Imports (shrunken heads)
Southwest Decor Petroglyphs
Tribal Art Asia
Mathematical models
Bathsheba Sculpture
Memento Mori
Tear Drop Memories
General Naturalia
The Bone Room (Berkeley, CA)
The Evolution Store (New York, NY)
Maxilla and Mandible (New York, NY)
Marine life
Shell Horizons
Conchology, Inc.
Unusual creatures
Custom Creature Taxidermy
The Feejee Mermaid
Fiendish Curiosities
Mouse Angel
Eclectic curiosities
Necromance (Los Angeles, CA)
Dapper Cadaver
Madame Talbot's Victorian lowbrow
Nautilus Antique Scientific Instruments & Old Oddities (Turin, Italy)
Clayton Bailey Gift Shop
Curious Expeditions Library