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San Jose Mercury News article
May 3, 2002

"The delights provided us by the Zymoglyphic Museum's myriad selections, and even by the relatively elaborate annotations and codifications with which the Museum provides its holdings, are themselves self-evident. The poetry of form, lyricism of association, and economy of function that define every concatenation, that pervade every diorama, rivet us to these apparitions, cementing our fascination and our affection."
From The Art World Beneath Our Feet: The Zymoglyphic Museum and its Mission by Peter Frank.
It is made of some deep thoughts, some random junk and some accumulated stuff...It is a place to meditate on life and death
Judith Hoffman, Artist-in-Residence
Connecting the world with dead things and junk...Delicate bits of decay...lovingly arranged to create unknown worlds
Jeanie M.
Recent coverage


Museum from Mars
Portland Monthly, January 2019
Kelly Clarke in "The Weirdest, Most Wonderful Memorials and Museums in Portland (and Beyond)"
Above the garage of a stately home at the foot of Mount Tabor hides an other-world devoted to the fantastical flora, fauna, and artifacts of the Zymoglyphic region, each exhibit carefully labeled, organized by era, and explained in near-exhaustive detail. Rust Age shamanic figures, the Age of Wonder’s dehydrated aquariums and self-destroying automaton, a hardback mermaid specimen, and framed stamps from the Zymoglyphic Post Office—they’re all here...The result is like a roadside attraction managed by an eccentric, rigorously organized natural history docent, or a miniature free Field Museum on Mars.


The Zymoglyphic Museum: A corporeal directory into another world
Kicks Condor, October 19, 2018
Interview wth the curator featuring some less frequently asked questions

Zymoglyphic Museum of Portland
YouTube, June 24, 2018
Vlogger Klearski the Kreeper leads his fellow Kreepers on an unscripted video tour of the museum
How many times did I say WOW!?

Take a Look Inside the Zymoglyphic Museum
Culture Trip, May 1, 2018
Feature article by Katrina Natress
A whole new world awaits

Zymoglyph Museum
The Franklin Post, March 23, 2018
Article in the local high school paper by Abby Chapman
Everything in the museum is intriguing and mystical; this art piece will put you in a new world.

Ask an Expert
Tundra Palms, March 6, 2018
Michael Cade's interview with the world's leading expert on zymoglyphic matters

Tales From The Zymoglyphic
Murrmurrs, Feb 8, 2018
Eyewitness account by the intrepid blogger Murr Brewster of a trip to the Zymoglyphic region
there's a swashbuckling lichen two seed-pods and a leaf gall away from full sensibility.

On Artifactual Poetry
Glasgow Review of Books, Feb. 5, 2018
Essay by Eleni Cay cites the museum as an example of artifactual poetry

Quirky Collections: Touring Portland's unusual museums (PDF)
Alaska Beyond, Jan. 2018
This is one of the more bizarre collections found in the city, and its displays can defy description.


The Zymoglyphic Museum is a Self-Contained World of Rogue Taxidermy and Steampunk
Willamette Week "Best of Portland" issue, July 11, 2017
[A] meticulous and whimsical fictional world of found objects and curios, where carefully arranged terraria display the skeletons of creatures that never were.

Up Close and Personal With the World’s Most Artistic Mollusks
Atlas Obscura article on the museum's Xenophora collection, April 18, 2017
Just as ordinary items can, through combination, create drama and tension, the museum itself is a hodgepodge of visuals and ideas made even more meaningful by their proximity.

Super weird and super cool! Portland's iconic Unipiper presents some of Portland's lesser known museums on The Mark and Toddcast, featuring the Zymoglyphic Museum in the forefront of a campaign to Make Portland Weird (Again!)" (begins at 14:11)

Article about Curious Gallery 2017 (where the museum had a road show) in the Oregonian - above photos by Dillon Pilorget

The diorama at Curious Gallery makes a brief apprearance at the end of a short segment on local news station KOIN

A Journey Through the Museum
What is it? A self-museum, a cabinet of curiosities, no, make that fishtanks of curiosities, with lots of little eyes secretly staring at you, and organic matter arranged into beings with feel your head getting sucked into the middle of the earth.
A photo essay by Laura Mappin, who visited the San Mateo museum on March 17, 2012
Eyewitness accounts on social media
The artist and curator, a self-proclaiming 'Autodidact in Esoteric Museology,' is an engaging host to his literary, creative, humorous collection.
It was a magical little place with magical little creatures!
I headed south and west a mere 10 blocks and found the Zymoglyphic Museum- and quite literally a whole new world has perched on my finger
Also here and here
It's a tucked away art gallery pocket dimension garage museum diorama of dioramas. If any of those words pique interest in that part of your heart which sees primeval forests in mossy rocks and angelic architecture in seashells, well〜
Selected quotes from virtual visits
Great art
[T]he Zymoglyphic Museum is one of the 20th century's great art works (alongside of Museum of Jurassic Technologies) -- just shamefully unrecognised. -- Incognita Nom de Plume
World's finest
The Zymoglyphic Museum - The world's finest collection of artistic detritus -- Urban Cryptids
A new generation
I wanna be a Zymoglyphic Art Museum Curator when I grow up. -- Magnafeek
A voice from Down Under
Like putting a rusted Coke can on a twig and saying it's a red-beaked branch straddler. --
Is this thing real?
Controversy about a hallucinogenic mushroom specimen in the museum's natural history collection
Spare oddities
[The dioramas] are kind of like an obscure and evil I-Spy book, with lots of hidden actions and creatures. Also, this website is absolutely crazy -- Curious
The torch of entropy
La fiaccola dell'entropia! La fiaccola dell'entropia! -- L'Ascella Ebbra [The Drunken Armpit]
Chuffed pink
today I discovered I'm a zymoglyphile...I'm chuffed pink to have found the proper name for my condition -- poetmcgonagall
Buy it?!
Someday I'd like to have my own little museum. There's this one called the Zymoglyphic Museum that I'd love to visit, but it's way out in California and only open a few days a year. It's pretty neat and when I win the lottery I'll go every year, or possibly just buy it and move it to my private island. -- OKCupid dating profile, 31F, Marion, Ill.
Mainstream media weighs in
the world's only institution dedicated to images of fermentation -- Wall Street Journal
The Museum of Dust

The Museum of Dust is a shadowy, incorporeal, antipodean meta-institution that attempted to acquire the Zymoglyphic Museum for its Wunderkammer collection in 2006. It has since returned to its original mission of "gathering dust."

More from the Blogosphere

Metafilter is a literate, intelligent and witty community blog where the comments are often more interesting than the links being discussed. The museum's exhibits have provided a springboard for a number of posts and discussions.

Neatorama is a very popular best-of-the-web blog that has featured the museum three times

The Quantum Biologist visited the museum in 2010 and was inspired to write a number of related blog posts

The Proceedings of the now-defunct Athanasius Kircher Society featured museum exhibits twice in 2006

Cliff Pickover's link-a-day Reality Carnival featured the museum's cloud sculptures on 11/26/06

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