About the Museum


Obscura Society visit, 2013/photo: Annetta Black

The Zymoglyphic Museum is the world's only repository for the study and display of art, artifacts, and natural history of the Zymoglyphic region. The museum is located in San Mateo, California.

The museum is not generally open to the public except during special events. To be informed about the museum's activities and upcoming events send an email to the museum and request to be put on the mailing list (comes with a lifetime no-spam warranty).

Views of the Museum

What is it? A self-museum, a cabinet of curiosities, no, make that fishtanks of curiosities, with lots of little eyes secretly staring at you, and organic matter arranged into beings with souls.

Laura Mappin

The world's finest collection of artistic detritus

Today I discovered I'm a zymoglyphile...I'm chuffed pink to have found the proper name for my condition

Judith Hoffman
Visitor Responses
Responses by visitors, both virtual and physical, to the museum and its collections
  • Photographs of the museum taken by Judith Hoffman, artist-in-residence
  • A gallery of photographs taken by museum visitors
  • Poems, sketches, blog entries, and art inspired by the museum's collections

"The poetry of form, lyricism of association, and economy of function that define every concatenation, that pervade every diorama, rivet us to these apparitions, cementing our fascination and our affection."

"The Art World Beneath our Feet: The Zymoglyphic Museum and its Mission" by Peter Frank
Literary guestbook
An imaginary guest book, hosting writers from Shakespeare to Pynchon

More about the Museum

How the museum came to be
The evolution of the museum from a 10 year-old boy's collection of rocks, bird nests, fossils, arrowheads, and marine animals
Frequently asked questions
What does 'zymoglyphic' mean? and other mysteries explained
Events that the museum has participated in, on site and off
Affiliated institutions
Sympathetic museums, libraries, esoteric societies, etc.

Curator's Musings

Artist's statement
"...nascent dialectic between naive eccentricity and self-referential parody in the creation of an institutional persona..."
Curator's resume
"Objective: Integrate diverse elements from a wide variety of media into a conceptually unified syncretic framework..."
The Zymoglyphic Way
Philosophical foundations; or, the Grand View
Tour the museum with Joyce and Re-joyce!
"Well, come to The Zyglomorphic Amusing Rheum! Lots of fun with Finnegans Wake!"
Disclaimers and legal amusements