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The Zymoglyphic Museum: A Guide to the Collections

The museum in book form. Full color, 100+ pages!

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Views of the Zymoglyphic Region

Scenes of daily life in the cities, mountain villages, woods, and jungles of the region as seen during the Age of Wonder, rendered using collages from old engravings

Individual prints, framed or unframed, from the book are available

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Sketches of the Zymoglyphic Region

More scenes of the Zymoglyphic region, created using spontaneous sketching

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Booklets, zines, brochures, etc.

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The Zymoglyphic Way: A Manifesto

A rousing single-sheet zinelet to inspire disciples of The Way

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Creating and Curating Your Own Personal Museum

A handy booklet for those who are plagued with accumulated detritus and in need of guidance toward creating a meaningful arrangement

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The Zymoglyphic Museum: Semiotics of a Fictocryptic Portland Institution

A journal article reprint from the Journal of Esoteric Museology as contained in Portland 2017: An Anthology published by The People's Colloquium. Contains a scholarly analysis of the question "What does 'zymoglyphic' mean?"

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The Literary Guest Book

Two-sheet zine; literary figures old and new visit the museum and leave a variety of comments

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Tour the Museum with Joyce and Re-joyce!

Two-sheet zine; homage to Finnegans Wake

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