The Zymoglyphic Anthology

A compilation of documents, writing, and art from and about the museum and its creative community. Many of the included pieces are available as separate publications with free PDF download.

Available for purchase in person at the museum shop, or online: Volume I:, Powell's Books, Amazon
Volume II: Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Volume I

An assemblage of documents from and about the museum

Booklets issued by the Zymoglyphic Museum Press
The Zymoglyphic Way: A Manifesto (PDF)
Tour the Museum with Joyce and Re-joyce (PDF)
Creating and Curating Your Own Museum (PDF)
Literary Guest Book (PDF)
The Zymoglyphic Museum: Semiotics of a Fictocryptic Portland Institution (PDF)
The Positively Unknown: A Kid's Guide to the Zymoglyphic Museum (PDF)
Documents from the archive
Artist's Statement
Curator's Resume
The Curator's Tale, Part 1: How the Museum Came to Be
Selected Entries from the Web Log
Essays about the museum
"The Art World Beneath our Feet: The Zymoglyphic Museum and its Mission" by Peter Frank
"The Artifice of Constructs in the Gilded Object: An Electroplating of Experience" by Chandra Glaeseman
Tales from the Zymoglyphic
"Indestructible Object" and "The Zymoglyphic Moment" by Jason Squamata (author of Hotel Zymoglyphic)
"The Perturbation Zone" by Leo Daedalus
Visual art
Selections from Sketches of the Zymoglyphic Region
Pinhole photography from Spirits Under Glass, a unique artist's book by Judith Hoffman

Volume II

A two-parter with the history of the museum on the one hand and contributions from its community on the other.

From the museum
The Curator's Tale, Part 2
Interview with the Curator
How the Cybernetic Aquarium Came to Be
From the community
  Jason Squamata - In My Dream...
  Christopher Corbell - Prototypes
  James Gouldthorpe - Portrait Gallery
  Eileen McGarvey - Intuitive Drawings
  Judith Hoffman - Blind Contour Drawings
  Amanda Quiroz - Pulverim Revertis
  Coleman Stevenson - Selections from the Work
  Tom Richards - Signs and Artifacts from the Faux Museum