Art Gallery


Exploring the Zymoglyphic region, incorporeal as it is, requires some creativity. The museum's mission to recreate the region and its culture gets inspiration from European Surrealism, Asian nature arts, natural history and mathematical abstractions. Here are some ways that the curator has found to represent the landscapes and seascapes of the region, and the primordial ooze from which it all originates.

Digital collage

Collages created from old engravings and presented as records of an expedition to the Zymoglyphic region during the Age of Wonder.

Spontaneous Sketches

A set of sketches created by doodling random marks on a blank page and then building on those marks as they suggest an image. Most of them become surreal landscapes.

Acrylic painting

A series of paintings created using a technique that involved settling of pigments in away that creates organic detail.

Generative Animation

Computer-generated animations that use logical abstractions such as feedback loops and mathematical functions but feel organic and seem to have lives of their own.