Biomorphic Abstraction


Up from the Primordial Ooze

Biomorphic acrylic painting is one of the Zymoglyphic arts of the Modern Age. This series depicts an evolutionary cycle, starting from a swirling mass of waves and metallic blobs, proceeding through various alchemical transformations, to something closely resembling a landscape. Early examples of Zymoglyphic acrylics may be seen in the Biomorphic Abstraction Shoebox Gallery.

Primal Swirl

Creative Fermentation

Lights in the Sea

Undersea growth

A Flowering of Color

Lights in the Forest

Primal Swirl, 16" x 20"

Creative Fermentation, 11" x 14"

Lights in the Sea, 11" x 14"

Undersea growth
, 12" x 16"

A Flowering of Color, 16" x 20"

Lights in the Forest, 16" x 20"