Dioramas were used during the Age of Wonder to illustrate myths. The first six in this series are land-based terrariums and illustrate a cycle of birth, living, aging, death, and rebirth. The last three are dehydrated aquariums, and are based on similar themes of creative fermentation in the primordial ooze.

Creation Picnic Curiosity
Getting On The Magic Carpet The Frogs
The Primordial Ooze Deception The Rusty Palace


A plastic angel and a dead bird greet an intriguing but invisible new arrival.


Tiny aliens have landed in a recently desiccated area. They manage to hunt down something to eat An even tinier, unsuspecting motorist approaches the scene.


Nosy plastic creatures investigate the remains of a cat. The beetle and the dead bird are eyeing the wild wiring that seems to be reproducing.

Getting On

Elderly or dead mice hang out in a weedy area near an opening to their underworld. The skull of an old enemy is perched over the entrance.

Magic Carpet

An old rug that was buried and decayed has taken on a new life. A traveling beetle has chanced upon the scene.

The Frogs


The Primordial Ooze

An underwater fountain serves as the source of new life forms.


Sea creatures sometimes use creative deception and mimicry to lure prey.

The Rusty Palace

A disembodied doll head reigns over an undersea world of corrosion and decay