Wall-mounted Wonder Cabinet

This is a Zymoglyphic curiosity cabinet constructed in the style of one that might have been seen during the Age of Wonder. It contains a typical assortment of antiquities, natural curiosities, art, and oddities. Some items are real and others are replicas.

Top: New Guinea figure, pheasant, sawfish, ram skull, Greek statuette of Artemis
Top shelf: Various shells with protuberances, Pterodactyl fossil, duck skull, pterosaur skull, Chinese temple fragment, cat skull, coral
Middle shelf: Owl skull, 17th-18th century clay pipes (found in the river Thames - donation of Sarah Brunner), clay bowl with face, Santeria figure (eleggua), golden orb with bound winged lizard, "Sputnik" sea urchin, erotic dice, mousealope, flaming helmet shell
Bottom shelf: Rock with fossil shells, nautilus fish, turtle skull, barnacle cluster