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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Open Studios 2006 Report

The annual public opening of the museum has come and gone, although readers may still make arrangements for a visit. There was a good turnout considering the relative isolation of the site and a freakish rainstorm which, for some reason, after weeks of clear weather, pummeled the area on those two days only.

This event is a unique opportunity for me see how people react to the museum and its contents. Considering the number of skulls, dead animals, and unnaturally large insects used, I'm surprised that only a few people find it gross and most find it amusing or even whimsical. Nearly all would agree, I'm sure, that it is at least "different". Kids especially enjoy it - one was particularly absorbed in the dioramas and couldn't stop laughing. On a previous event, two little girls played "I spy", trying to find some obscure object in a diorama. Curious neighbors come by. Best of all, people offer me odd things that they have collected and don't know what to do with. I think the work often appeals to people who probably would never go to a museum or art gallery. Ultimately, I would like people to be inspired to do something creative with their own collections and things that they feel compelled to pick up, not feeling that they need to have art skills or training.

For more on the event from another perspective, see here


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